Bayley Developments Ltd. currently has 3 premium locations. For the business community, The Bayley Buusiness Centre; and for the residential community, Finn Avenue and Andrews Court complexes.


Offices and Meeting Rooms

Give your small business the competitive edge that an amenity-rich building offers.


Garden Apartments

These condo-style apartments are very spacious and centrally located.


Well-appointed Spacious Suites

Well-appointed, spacious suites in a friendly and caring community that feels like home!

We offer an environment that nurtures success in business and comfort at home.

See What Our Tenants Have To Say

The ground level of Andrews court was most appealing to us and when an apartment became available in 2005, we were interested. Location to the towns amenities, design (layout), and attention to and quick response to service requests, adequate garbage removal, sheltered mailbox, snow removal and lawn care make living here most appealing.  Even with an increase in units being built in the area, we have no hesitation when it comes to recommending either unit. My sister recently moved here and loves it as much as we do.

– Hallet and Elizabeth Winter

I mainly like it here because of the locality, but it also has much appeal in other ways as well. I’ve lived here, at Finn Avenue, for almost 8 1/2 years and I think what I like most is the postal service and the garbage collection. I also like that we are very well looked after, especially the lawn care in the summer and the snow removal in the winter. I would also like to add friendly and lovely and quiet neighborhood.

– Finn Avenue Tennant

Andrews Court was referred to me by a friend almost two years ago and I have enjoyed the quiet community, friendly neighbors and cleanliness every since. This is a very nice place to live!

– Joan King

I choose the Finn Avenue Garden Apartments because they were affordable for me and I liked the size of the units. They are occupied by mostly older residents and I like the peace and quiet of the apartment community. I moved to the Finn Avenue Garden Apartments in April, 2005, so I have been here for just over 9 years. I am quite content here and have no plans to move. The residents are quite friendly and privacy is respected. I would definitely recommend these apartments. I have no trouble getting my needs met. I call Carl or Bonzie Saunders, the managers, when there is a concern and it’s taken care of immediately. Under Carl’s supervision, the snow clearing in the winter is FABULOUS. The people who do the outside maintenance during the summer are very diligent as well with the up keep. Even though there are the usual rent increases, I feel, with today’s dollar, the rent is quite reasonable for the services that are provided. There is a convenience store directly across from the apartment building… the shopping mall and many other retail outlets, restaurants, coffee shops and other service providers are within two minutes’ drive from the building, so the location is ideal in that respect. The building opened in 1996 and is in an upscale neighborhood that’s between 10 – 20 years old. I feel very fortunate to be living in such a wonderful place that I call home.

– Maureen Hennessey

Having moved our software business to Newfoundland from the United States 7 years ago, we were pleased to find a sound quality building with such professional services in the most centralized location within Newfoundland, Grand Falls-Windsor. Being perfectly centered across the island has its definite advantages.
Because I was moving from another area of the province, I was not able to see the apartment before moving in. Someone recommended Andrews Court and I am happy they did. I’ve been here five years now and like the fact that it is centrally located near all major amenities – Hospitals, Mall, Churches ect. and I don’t have to shovel snow.  It feels like a small, closely knit community on its own. It is safe, very friendly and has a super building manager.

– Mary Tucker

What attracted us to Finn Avenue was the location, we have lived here for 8 years and like our apartment because it is spacious, especially the dining area. We have good neighbors, it’s quiet and last, but certainly not least is that we have good building managers – Carl and Bonnie are great people!

– Jack & Rosie

While we were originally drawn to this building due to its central location and great rental rates; we have found the quality of the built-in security, staff kitchen & public meeting rooms to be of tremendous value to our business.
We love the community and location of Andrews Court and have enjoyed superior service from our building manager for the past three years now.

– Evelyn & Val Hunter

We chose Finn Avenue because back in January 2008 when we sold our home, there was only two suitable apartments available and this was our best choice. We have been living here for 6 years and really like the area. Our apartment is very spacious and we don’t have to shovel snow or mow the grass. I would certainly recommend this building and I do have to say that Carl and Bonnie are super!

– Art & Marg Coffin

Over the years, we have seen our business grow tremendously, and we have been pleased to have an open line of communications with Bayley Developments. Their willingness to work with us on every angle from office layout and design, right up to lighting and corporate AM-CAN signage in building has been wonderful!
When I was looking for an apartment three years ago, Andrews Court was the best choice in town, it still is and the price was right too. I like the fact that it is quiet and that it is easy to get things done. Our caretakers are very helpful and always happy to respond to our needs.

– Iris Pitcher

Realizing that image is key to a successful business, second only to security and accessibility; we would highly recommend The Bayley Building in Grand Falls-Windsor & Bayley Developments.

– AM-CAN Business

Andrews Court was the perfect choice for me because I didn’t want to have any stairs to climb because of health issues. I had heard good things such as snow clearing and lawn care being provided. I’ve lived here for 6 years and have enjoyed every moment! I have around the same square footage that my house had. My apartment also has open concept and a beautiful garden and patio. The caretaker is always available to help with any problems. All appliances are provided including dishwasher and I was able to bring my own washer and dryer. This is a great place for seniors and rent is in line with other apartments in the area. I am a widow and my family lives outside the province and they are very content that I live in such a great place.

– June Oldford

I have been very comfortable living here at Finn Avenue for the past 15 years… It is quiet and the landlord is good too.

– Sarah Saunders

I chose Andrews Court because it was suitable for what I was looking for including being spacious and at ground level. I have been here for 8 years now and enjoy living in a quiet neighborhood and the fact that I am close to essential services – Hospital, Doctors, Clinics, Mall etc.

– Roy D. King

Finn Avenue is a conveniently located, neat and well maintained attractive building. I have lived here for 12 years and especially like the fact that it is non-smoking with great service.

– Calvin Coish

We chose Andrews Court because it was suggested to us by a family member who was already living here. For the past two years, we have been enjoying the quietness and the feeling of safety. We have great neighbors and are always happy to recommend this as a place to live.

– The Twyne’s

Finn Avenue has been our home for the past 15 years and there are so many things we love about our apartment; the size, adult building, no pets, live in building manager, quiet neighborhood, close to business area and snow clearing. Plus the prompt attention to any problems occurring which have only been minor routine of any dwelling.

– Finn Avenue Tennant

We chose Andrews Court because it had plenty of room, we have been here for 8 years and greatly enjoy the quiet living lifestyle.  Our building manager is excellent and always available to respond to our needs.

– Carl and Marjorie Moores